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* ConsumerSearch website scan reviews from consumer reports, popular mechanics and other highly regarded sources and selects the top products in dozens of categories. Call (202) 966-7907 or log on www.consumersearch.com

* Call for Action, Inc. is a consumer hotline network affiliated with TV and Radio stations that mediates complaints at no cost to consumers. Call (301)657-8260 or log on www.callforaction.org

* Gethuman website is good to avoid getting stuck in telephone and voicemail. To see whether the company you want to contact has a secret phone number or code that links you to real people – and, perhaps, a better response. Check www.gethuman.com

* J.D. Power and Associates is a consumer company that ranks customer satisfaction with vehicles, phones, airline and other products and services. Call (800)274-5372 or log on www.jdpower.com

* Better Business Bureau is useful to check a business or file a complaint. Call (703) 276-0100 or log on www.bbb.org

* If you would like to make a complaint about a product and the store or manager of the store can’t meet your needs, write or call the manufacturer. Contact information for major companies is available at www.hoovers.com or calling (866)464-3206

* Consumer Action is a national non profit advocacy and education organization headquartered in San Francisco that you can get free consumer protection reports. Log on www.consumeraction.org.

* Protect your privacy and know how to get your name deleted from onile phone directories and others personal information websites. Visit www.privacyrights.org/ar/infobrokers.html

Tip and More for you, the Consumer…

* 0% interested loans offered by many retailers can be costly. The problem is if you fail to repay the loan in full before the term expires, you cold be socked with interest charges from the date of purchase. Even if you are only a few dollars short of the balance due, you cold be hit with interest that can reach 30% a year on the full amount. Make sure you pay off before it expires!

* Many retailers charge a fee if you purchase an item and then return it. You pay an average of 15% of the cost of the original item. As a self-defense, ask about restocking fee. For instance, you may not have to pay if you return the merchandise unopened within 14 days.

* For Free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) hot spots, go to www.jiwire.com or www.anchorfree.com

* The major shipping carriers - Federal Express and UPS, bill extra for “out-of-the-way” areas ($1,50 up), but many of this locations area actually residential areas in cities such San Diego, Miami Beach, Phoenix and Atlanta. To find out if a zip code is considered remote, call (800) 463-3339 or (800)742-5877. Whenever possible, send package to an office instead to a home. The reason is that UPS or FedEx apply the remote sub-charge only to shipments to residences. Or as alternative, send the package overnight mail through the US Postal Service.

* Wireless companies advertise a low base price without mentioning that your bill will be inflated by government mandated charges, such as the Federal E911 fee ($1 to $3 per month) and the Number Portability Service Charge ($1 to $3). Some companies even tack a Regulatory Cost Recovery fee on bills to high-speed Internet customers (about $3). This fees sounds as if it is required by law. Not true. It is just a way for companies to increase their revenues. A helpful website is www.saveonphone.com/wireless.html. You enter your zip code and click on “Rate Plan Finder” to compare wireless plans.

* Credit Cards companies try to trick you into paying late, such as cutting the grace period (from the time of the charge to when payment is due) from 31 days as little as 20 days (the amount range from $15 up to $39). Make sure you have been notified about any changes to grace periods at least 15 days before the changes take place. Federal law requires that you receive your bill at least 14 days before the due date. If it doesn’t arrive on time, complaint to the bank’s regulator – FDIC for banks (877)275-3342 or Office of Thrift Supervision calling (800)842-6929 for savings and loans.

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