Setting goals each year and particularly in January is a fun and essential way to gain success in life. However, you can’t just throw out any goal and expect a reward. You must set realistic goals to repeat the benefits. The following are four tips to keep in mind when setting your goals this new year.

1) Think smaller rather than bigger

It’s easy to think big, but that doesn’t always equal better. While bigger goals are shinier and more exciting, they can also become more overwhelming and challenging to achieve. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore that big goal. Instead, break it down into smaller, more actionable goals. Small goals are more comfortable to obtain and more realistic in the long run as it sets a more straightforward path of action.

2) Be reasonable and true to yourself

While anyone can change with work, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be realistic about who you are. For example, if your goal for the year is to post more consistently on social media, but you are prone to procrastination, don’t set a daily goal. Instead, ensure three posts a week or a sim-ple upgrade to your current productivity level. You don’t need to change all your habits or behav-iors overnight to be successful. One gradual change at a time is all you need to make a noticea-ble impact.

3) Set measurable and specific goals

Don’t be vague when goal setting or the time it takes to achieve it will be too. In other words, vague goals only produce vague results. For example, don’t say, “I want to post more frequently on social media,” instead, change the goal to be more specific. “I will post something new three times a week on Instagram” or, to be more specific, “This year (XXXX), I will post one blog article every Tuesday and Thursday. Goals like this make it more noticeable if you stay on track, allowing you to improve consistently. It’s also a great way to keep you motivated, as you can track your

4) Lower your expectations

Don’t strive for perfection; it won’t happen. As harsh as that sounds, unfortunately, it is reality. You are human, and you will likely make a mistake this year. But that doesn’t mean you automatically fail and can’t continue. When setting your goals, expect that you will relapse into your old
behaviors and plan ways to get you back on track.

Now that you read this article, what realistic goals are you going to achieve this year? We wish you a prosperous and healthy year!

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