If someone wants to start an online business, but they don’t know what they want to start with, what should be the best advice to them? Several people have good answers, but we thought that we can share if you our eight different answers:

1 – Make a list of the various business models they may want to try.

2 – Write down what all is involved in doing those business models (takes research).

3 – Ask themselves how much time, money and effort they want to put forth to weed out some of these business models.

4 – Find a niche that works well in the corresponding business model.

5 –  Absorb all of the free advice they can get before buying a course – You Tube, forums, social marketing networking, etc. Also use free tools at first.

6 – Get started, knowing ahead of time that you’re going to have to tweak as you go, ask questions and change things up.

7 – If you get stuck, ask the people you’ve been networking with – publicly, so everyone can pitch in and guide you, but not before you try to figure it out yourself.

8 – Have a doable schedule. Don’t try to keep up with top tier professionals as a newbie. It’s okay to take your time implementing and learning how to do it right as opposed to rushing and ruining your reputation because you’re sloppy.

See, we think too many people rush the process and jump into projects and business models or niches the same day they decide to try their hand. You really need to take your time, explore and research and learn what it’s going to take, compare it to what makes you happy, and be prepared for a learning curve.

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