I would like to tell you how many hours I’ve spent searching, browsing, and wasting time looking for information on my best choices for start up an online business. As an initial personal chef and art culinary lover I was amazed at all the detailed current information I could find. New ways to get great recipes, new methods to build my business, new ways to do everything and available to me in an instant! I wanted to get involved with this worldwide web. The first step means’s building a website for my business Kisabor Catering so I spent lots of money, close to four thousand dollars on a flash website. Beautiful, but with no results! No new clients from the site and a big expense monthly (US$150) just to update it. As a result I didn’t update it and let it sit in web nowhere land.

Next move was thinking about E-commerce. In 1999 I started a Brazilian folkart and E-commerce was all the rage. I imagined dominating the USA market for Brazilian folkart and other Brazilian culture staff with an even bigger flash website. No much results either. What I got? Other few thousands dollars spent on a big flash website and NO TRAFFIC. So I paid for traffic – 200 dollars a month. This translated into 2 sales per day after 12 months. After factoring in all costs I made almost ZERO!

So I quit the Web World for about over 2 years, but I couldn’t let it go. I looked at my past mistakes, made some reflections and spent hundreds of hours looking at everything I could find about starting and running an online business. There were 4 major areas I needed solved.

1. WEBSITE BUILDING – for the Non-Tech guy like me… I needed to be able to build it myself without spending thousands of dollars on a web designer.

2. TRAFFIC – How was I going to bring visitors to my web site without paying for it?

3. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – How to get ranked high in the search engines so I could be found on the web.

4. MARKETING – Where to begin, how much to spend, who to believe?

Now, after years of experience, we can recommend our own services for design & web development specially if you need a custom express website – visit our Web/Design page for more info: https://www.kisuccess.com/web/

* Lindenberg Junior is a journalist, marketing consultant and events producer. He is the publisher of Soul Brasil magazine (www.soulbrasil.com) and also a senior consultant for business and investor with focus in the growing Brazilian market.


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