Sponsored content (or sponsored article) or guest posting (also called guest blogging), just means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website with the goal of reaching a wider audience, improving search engine rankings (creating backlink as example), and establishing your brand as an authority. The primary reason for working with blogs and websites, in particular, in your niche, is that it should always reflect your niche/website. Here, what matters is providing actionable content for the reader, and NOT, creating an advertorial.

Does guest posting work or have an article in a high authority website/blog work?

The short answer is yes! Being published on other websites that are not owned by you has some inherent advantages that continue to be relevant. It may be a paid or unpaid engagement and both have their benefits.

Guest posting has risen to become one of the best Search Engine Optimization practices for any website, from everyday bloggers to large corporations. One of the biggest challenges for an online business is getting your messages to your potential leads, and though a solid social media strategy will always be beneficial, it can take a while to see the fruits of your labor. This is where guest posting can come in.

Introduce you to a new crowd

Being published in blogs or websites allows you to get in front of their audience, thus raising your brand awareness to potential prospects who may be unfamiliar with your brand. Additionally, it can help you build your online influence.

Increase your brand trust

If your brand provides quality content, people will come back for more. It’s really as simple as that. Building authority in your industry goes hand in hand with building customer trust. Be published in authority blogs or websites as guest posting allows you to display your depth of knowledge in your field.

Help you pull in more sites visits

A website without traffic is a website without profits. When your article goes live on another site, this can supply you with months and years of traffic, depending on the popularity of the site that it’s posted on and how helpful your post is.

Enable you to get free backlinks

One last advantage to be published on other blogs/websites or guest posting is that it allows you to get a backlink to your website, which is a major factor in SEO ranking. Why? Because backlinks are the lifeblood of any SEO campaign of SEO, and typically the more backlinks a website has, the higher Google will rank it in search results.


Being published in authority blogs and websites, in particular in your niche, can offer a great way to introduce your content (associate with your service as professional as example) to new audiences, and get valuable SEO backlinks. Remember, google penalized low quality content, so for this reason, authority blog/website owners/editors usually reject content that doesn’t meet their standards. If you submit a guest posting or sponsored post/article, make sure that you submit your content well written or submit it using a professional writer.

Why do guest posting have to be paid or some articles have a cost?

Initially, guest posting works similar with sponsored posts and among some of the main reasons why websites and digital publishing platforms charge for publishing your content on their site are these three reasons::

1) Managing guest contributors takes time and these sites usually have precise content guidelines. If your content doesn’t seem up to par with what they typically publish, they may even ask you to revise it or the editor should do extra work to make edits to the content becoming suitable for their audiences.

2) They give you access to their audience and gathering readership for a website or blog is a slow process and takes a lot of effort to build domain authority, traffic, and loyal readership. So, why would they let someone take advantage of their long time efforts by allowing them to publish for free?

3) They know you will get some valuable links and that can help you more visibility or your website the high-quality backlinks you need to ensure the success of your website in terms of search engine optimization.

What should you pay?

Websites with domain authority between 50 to 60, can charge up to $500 for guest posts or sponsored posts, but the average is $280. The price can also vary by niche. Just as an example, average prices for business are $160, health and fitness $145, while beauty and fashion $195, having an average domain authority of 40.

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