Did you know that you need to hit your prospects at least 3 up to 10 times in order to get their attention and move them to action? Maybe even more, so, it’s crucial that you set up a marketing system that allows you to repeatedly follow up with your prospects at least this many times.

For example, if you have a subscriber list, it’s important to send at least 3 emails in the first week after the subscriber made his subscription. Also, It’s important to write a newsletter even if it is small and with a few interesting notes and news. It’s important because even if the subscribers don’t read every issue, they will in any of these opportunities and check your offers. It’s value also for social media posts, promotions via direct mailing, etc.

The key is to share valuable information, associate your product or service, and letting them know you are available to help them. The best way to build relationships are by providing value. 

Also remember that just because you are ready to sell your product or service, does not mean your prospect is ready to buy it. They’ll buy when they are ready or​ have an imminent need for what you are offering. Until that time, your job is to provide value, educate them and remind them you are there and available whenever they are ready.

If you are providing value, you really don’t have to worry about following up too often. If however, you are only following up to ask for the sale or reach out too often without valuable information you’ll become a pest relatively quickly. And regardless, you will lose some prospects along the way.

Consider what we mentioned above and stop to think: if they don’t want to hear from you, odds are they weren’t going to buy from you either. In the case of emailing, If they ask to be removed from your list, they’re just helping you out by improving the quality of your list. In the case of social media, if they never interact or you feel they do not demonstrate any interest or appreciation for your content, it’s time to move on and change your strategy.

Good luck and remember, we are here posting in our blog and providing great content because we believe in content marketing to build a great business relationship.

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