It’s has been reported that there were (2017) an estimated 23 million people in the U.S who earn their income from the comfort of their home and not subject themselves to the aches and pains associated with working the standard 9 to 5 job. Rather they have chosen a different path that allows them to take charge of their own well being and/or their own time schedule and/or receiving the income they are truly worth and not have to endure the politics, hassles and unfairness often found in today’s work.

With the new technologies and the use of new tools such as your smart phones, it’s now easier than ever to find a job that not require the 9 to 5 time frame and/or to be in a specific location. There are many job offers that you can do from your home or using your car. Even if you have a “regular job”, some companies allow the worker done this job in home using online ‘time clock’ software. I personally known three friends that had a “regular job” that now do the same job and for the same companies, in their home.

Speak with your current manager or boss about the possibility of working from home to begin with, and trial it if they say yes. In a lot of cases, they realize that you are more productive doing this same job in your home (even if still is the “regular time frame). A true reality in these days is that some of you can really earn money as a freelancer completing work for some clients at a time that suits you. But I am not talking about Craiglist or similar websites.

There is an awesome platform called UpWork that can give you the most stable income. People advertise for work and advertise for services. My advise for you is to find a few big clients, try to make you best and than sticking with them. But yes, these days of sharing economy, there are money making platforms that make its dream coming true such as UberPostmatesTask Rabbitsand WeGoLook among others. With WeGoLook per example, you can make a quick extra $50 as a “looker” – that’s when someone pays you to confirm something in person, like an out-of-state buyer who found a vacation-home owner who need its property checked for damage after a storm.

The only thing left for you to do is to create a profile on these platforms and take daily action. These platforms have been developed, tested, and monetized, and they are ready for you to leverage to make money now. Of course, you have a lifestyle and a budget to living, so it’s important an action plan to pick and choose the best platforms for you. Bellow, we will continue mention this platforms, but you can make money through a different way, using spaces that you can have in your apartment or garage or even a kitchen.

I am talking about websites such as AirBnB, a marketplace where homeowners and travelers can listing and book private residences around the world. Whether booking a room in a house or an entire condo or entire home, users can rent on Airbnb by the day, week, month, or longer, and the homeowners or even “rentowners” make money. You can list your room or apartment or house on the site for free and AirBnb takes a commission fee (20% when I wrote this article). Similar to AirBnB, I can mention HomeAway and VRBO.

There are platforms to rent out various types of workspaces, in this case you can use ShareDesk that works similar as AirBnb taking commission for each successful booking. For workspaces I also mention PivotDesk and LiquidSpace. There is even a platform for those who have a unique outdoors experience to share with others. For campers or those looking for a wilderness escape, HipCamp can be your ticket to profit from unused land. This service is currently (2017) only available in the U.S.

SpareChair allows you to rent as little as a seat at your dining room table. You can turn your basement into a studio to rent out to musicians or artists or you can turn your garage into a boardroom for corporate meetings of small companies or startups. Roost helps you monetize unused storage space. You can list one space or multiple spaces. You can have different listings for different spaces in your house. Why waste an unused garage, closet, backyard, basement, or attic? As you can see, there are also dozens of ways to make money from unused or underutilized assets in your home.

In this last paragraph I will give you another example to get a “not regular job” to make money and help you to pay all this bills coming up every months. You can make $50 to $75 in just a few hours simple by giving your opinion. Companies are willing to pay to participate in focus groups to find out what you think about all sorts of things. Here’s how to sign up and cash in: find focus groups looking for websites such as FindFocusGroups or FocusForCash or FocusGroup for a list of some near you.

Some of these sites also let you sign up and give your details so that researchers looking for your demographics can find you. Well, in general, I think you get the idea. The conclusion is that with the new technologies and this kind of new platforms we can get out of the 9 to 5 old fashion jobs or at least, easily find out a new source of income.

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