E-Mail Marketing Campaign: 
Five Smart Tips that You Can Apply


Tip #1: Keep your email really PERSONAL: It should sound like you’re talking to a close personal friend.
Tip #2: Keep your email SHORT: Try to keep it to 3/4 page maximum.
Tip #3: Spend a lot of time on your subject line! After all, if it doesn’t catch people’s attention and spark their interest, no one’s going to read your email!
Tip #4: Make sure your email gets people to take a specific action – and be sure to include this “call to action” as close to the top of your email as possible.
Tip #5: Track your metrics! Keep track of your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. That’ll help you understand how well your email has performed, and where it needs to be fixed.
For example, if nobody opens your email, you know your subject line needs more work. If people open your email but don’t click on your link, then the body of your email isn’t as effective as it should be. And if lots of people are clicking through to your sales page and not making a purchase, then you know that’s where the problem lies!
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