As you should know, google here and there is making updates in his algorithms and changing the game. It seems to be either really hurting or really helping companies and web traffic numbers. Here we focus in marketing and business trends and we would like to make sure our readers and subscribers end up on the “helping” side of that equation, so we have assembled a list of eight SEO tools that can help you rank higher.

Bellow, find these eight tools but note that we have listed four (4) free tools first and then more four (4) paid tools.

Mobile Friendly Test

This is Google’s free test you can use to see what a visitor’s experience is when visiting your website on their phone. You put your website’s URL into the test and Google will tell you if your page is mobile friendly and what the page loading issue. FREE

WP Super Cache

This SEO tool is a free WordPress plugin that creates HTML files without the use of WordPress PHP scripts. These files are temporarily saved on the visitor’s hard drive so next time they visit your website they’re able to access the webpage faster. WP Super Cache also lets you create a garbage collection of files that don’t need to be cached. FREE


It is an SEO tool that lets you see what your HTML title and meta description look like on Google search results. This tool is useful for people that publish blog content and wants to make sure that their header and meta description fit and look nice on search results. FREE. You can:

* See a live Google preview of your webpage
* Save and share drafts
* Research keywords


This SEO tool is one of our favorites for reviewing your website and optimizing it for a better ranking. The review is free and gives you a task list of SEO improvements to make. For example, they’ll tell you if your meta titles need to be shorter, what your page quality is, and what pages are missing social sharing widgets. FREE. It can:

* Gives you mobile optimization suggestions
* Tells you what images are missing an ALT attribution
* Shows you the blog articles that have a high header-to-word ratio
* Counts internal and external links per page


It is a WordPress SEO Plugin and an analytics tool that shows you all of your important SEO data, so you can see what pages don’t have meta titles, are showing 404 errors, or don’t have meta descriptions. It also warns you about blog posts that aren’t optimized, doesn’t have a keyword emphasis, or don’t have a schema markup. You can see SEO insights, choose how search engine crawlers navigate your website, create an internal link structure and do keyword analysis – PAID


It is an SEO tool that can audit your website’s preexisting content and tells you what needs to be optimized. It also looks at your competitor’s SEO rankings for keywords to show you where you can improve and where you are higher than them. You can also find keywords and analyze ranking and traffic, chart your analytic performance, set up alerts for new and lost backlinks as well web mentions, and Get SEO metrics and Google SERPS. PAID and expense.


It is a backlink clean-up tool that lets you clean up any bad backlinks that you don’t want at scale. What’s a bad backlink? Any link that makes Google give you an “unnatural links” warning, a link that has given you a manual penalty, or spammy links that aren’t making Google happy. These bad backlinks can hurt your SEO ranking. PAID.

It is a kind of private investigator of SEO tools. It creates a list of every action that visitors have taken on and off of your website. The idea behind Tend is that if you can understand your customer’s habits and triggers, you’ll be able to turn more prospects into customers. By using Tend, you’ll know who your websites visitors are and how they got to your website. Then, you can find out what marketing strategies are creating conversions. PAID and expense.

Out of all the marketing trends that have come and gone since the rise of digital marketing, SEO definitely has planted its little feet and stood strong through a myriad of rising and burning marketing strategies. Kisuccess Marketing and Media offers SEO and Local SEO for small business as well other services in the marketing niche from video production and video marketing to public relations and content marketing.


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