The pandemic has thrown many people’s financing and budgets into chaos and for thousands their savings have been dug into to make ends meet. To stay on top of your finances, experts say, make sure you can answers these questions:

1) How much do I actually spend and make? The simplest way to fin this out: look at your bank and credit card statements for the past six months to see the cash flowing in and out.

2) When do I pay the bills? Make it twice a month. If you have a routine to pay bills, you are going to avoid penalties for late payment.

3) What am I insured for? Plenty of people never look at their policy after taking it out. They could end up wildly overinsured or wildly underinsured.

4) What do I own? Build repayment into your budget. Good finance apps that you can consider are Mint, You Need a Budget, Clarity Money, Personal Capital, Money Patrol, Simplifi, and Digit.

Regarding the item 4, keep the track is very important during this hard times and these types of apps are designed for on-the-go money management, letting you allocate a certain amount of spendable income each month depending on what you’re taking in and what you’re paying out. These types of apps will work if you’re willing to log your purchases, put in the time and stick to your budget.

Not a fan of apps? A spreadsheet is another valuable money-tracking tool. You can find very good and free budget templates online like Microsoft Office budget templates, the Google Drive budget spreadsheets and the The Federal Trade Commission’s budget worksheet.

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