By Lindenberg Junior

I would like to start this article saying that Knowledge, Learning, Practicing, Growing and Success is a Journey. Better say, a continuing journey. There may be some short rests along the way, but there should never be an end. In my writing style (and for those who know it, you already know) it’s easy to find words like honesty, integrity, perseverance, positivism, freedom, and quality of life, but in this article, especifically, I will give emphases to the word “success” and simple steps that should attract “business or personal” success.

I have learned in the last years that simple things that just years ago I did not pay attention can make the difference. Here bellow I will make a selection of this “simple secrets”.

8 habits to become a better professional or business owner

Set up Your goals. Know what you want to accomplish over the long-haul. Don’t just dream about the perks and trappings of success, have a clear picture of how you’ll earn those perks. People who aren’t clear on what they want easily can lose the track and miss opportunities.

Keep it organized. Decide what will be your fi rst steps to put you on your way toward your large goals then plan when you will complete each of them. Every morning, ask yourself what are the three most important things to accomplish before the day is Life Couching over. Write them down and do them, or if something interferes with one item, put it on tomorrow’s list.

Do things You Know is Right. Forget the quick and easy or the cheaper ways to do things. When you’re aware of the one best way of accomplishing something, that’s the way you should do it.

Follow the Golden “Truth”. Treat people the way you like to be treated, and you’ll have no trouble winning people to your side. When you’re in a situation where you don’t know what someone expects of you, simply ask yourself what you would expect in their shoes.

Use Your talents and Your time Wisely. Are you spending time performing tasks a teenager working at minimum wage could be doing? In other words, pay attention how you spent your hour! Think of your time as valuable and put it to use doing things that will bring you some return!

You Can Do It! Believe in Yourself. Once you know what you want to do and have decided on the best way to do it, don’t let anyone talk to you out of what you’re trying to accomplish. There’ll be days when you’ll fell discouraged, and there may be people who will try do discourage you, too.

Hard Times Also is Here. Overcome Obstacles. Almost any course you set for yourself has certain hurdles to surmount. When you run into difficulties think of them as challenges.

And for last in these list…

Know When a good Opportunity Knock Your Door. As times goes on, you’re almost certain to face opportunities you hadn’t reckoned on. Ask yourself how it fits in with your overall plans. Does it get you closer to your ultimate goals? Is it a real stepping stone? Don’t get sidetracked from your most important goals!

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