There are many people in this world who rely on others to motivate and inspire them to achieve great things. But everyone has a different way of finding inspiration. You might be the type who keeps a gratitude journal. There are many people who need to do this because they don’t naturally feel it on a regular basis.

We feel like this is something that comes naturally. Every single day, we as a business owner need to feel grateful to be able to be our own boss and raise our kids.

There are some people who like to create a vision board. And here we do this once every five years just for fun. It’s good to see our goals laid out in a visual representation. But after awhile, we become blind to it.

One thing that does help all of us get inspired on a regular daily basis is to map out our upcoming goals. Whether we are saving for a trip to Brazil or one thing to do something for our son. We like to see what it’s going to take work wise for us to get to do that.

We are not the type of people who focuses on big goals very often. This sometimes can feel depressing because it’s far off. But yes we do like to set small milestones and feel that satisfying feeling of achieving each one.

Whatever works best for you, indulge in it whenever you feel like you’re sinking. Don’t just let yourself drown in a bad mindset.



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