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False Advertising and What You Can do to Protect Yourself!

Ever visit a business based on their advertisement of a sale item – only to discover the item is no longer available? Watch for “bait and switch…”. Many unscrupulous businesses attempt to lure customers in with advertised specials that are too good to be true – and in fact, they’re not true! In the typical “bait and switch” operation, earnest salespeople will explain that the item has sold out, that it isn’t of high quality, or that you cannot take delivery for several months – all with the aim of selling you a higher priced item. This form of false advertising is illegal in all states. What can you do if you suspect a merchant of a “bait and switch?” a. Don’t buy the higher-priced item – instead, ask the salesperson for a business card and walk out of the store. b. With the store name, address, telephone number and the name of your salesperson in hand, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureaus of North America. Welcome c. Alternatively, call or write your local Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. Lookup * Source – Legal Zoom

Protecting Your Family

Learn How Easy it is to Protect Your Family!

Did you know that it is possible to prevent the bitter bickering between siblings that often accompanies the inheritance of property from a parent? Absolutely. Mental health professionals have found that by simply drawing up a will and discussing the reasoning behind your decision to leave a given piece of property to one child over another can prevent the break-up of a family once an inheritance is claimed. Unfortunately, over 70% of Americans fail to prepare a simple will! Once a simple will is drawn up, many professionals recommend sitting down with adult children to answer questions and discuss hurt feelings before problems arise. In many cases, bringing in a professional family mediator can make these difficult conversations go more smoothly. Regardless of how the discussion takes place, the time and effort put into timely estate planning and communication will go a long way towards ensuring family harmony. Premium Legal Forms

Protecting Yourself

Protecting Yourself from “Identity Theft”

Ever had your wallet stolen? How about your whole financial life? With over 300,000 cases reported per year, “Identity Theft” is a serious – and easy – business. In many cases, a driver’s license and major credit card are all a thief needs to open new charge accounts in your name. To prevent what could be a credit nightmare, once you discover that your wallet is missing and have cancelled your credit cards, make three extra calls to the major credit bureaus. Ask each service to place a “fraud alert” on your file. That way, any future credit applications will have to be confirmed by you over the phone – using the existing phone number on file. In addition, your name and address will be removed from future “pre-screened offer” mailing lists. Stop identity thieves before they can get started by contacting the three major credit bureaus:

(800) 685-1111
P.O. Box 105069
Atlanta, GA 30348

Trans Union
(800) 888-4213
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022

(888) 397-3742
P.O. Box 9600
Allen, TX 75013

400.000 kids identities are stolen every year! Parents often get a Social Security Number (SSN) for their child soon after the baby is born. Thieves get hold in these SSN’s and use then to get credit. For Self-Defense, Don’t give out a child’s SSN, and be careful when provide copies of your child’s birth certificate. Also, be sure young computer users know not to give out their SSN’s. Need Legal Help? Use the LegalMatch Priority Service to Find Pre-screened Lawyers in Your Area Now!

Save Time & Money

Don’t just find a lawyer, find the right lawyer. Search for FREE with this legal match system that provides access to pre-screened lawyers through a simple, three step process. The service is amazing and as soon as you present your case, instant email notifications are sent to lawyers that match your specific legal practice area and geographic location. The responses is in less than 24 hours, and always 100% FREE to find and communicate with qualified attorneys – no hidden fees. You may review attorney’s profiles and responses to your case before making a decision. » Need Legal Help? Use the LegalMatch Priority Service to Find Pre-screened Lawyers in Your Area Now!

Citizenship & Immigration

Live and Work in Canada or USA In the economic sphere, globalization is not only characterized by liberalization of trade, services, investment, and capital, but also by transnational movements of people in search of better lives and employment opportunities elsewhere. Given the absence of a willing domestic workforce, rich countries are increasingly looking outside their borders for low-skilled workers in agriculture, food-processing, construction, manufacturing, and low-wage services such as domestic work, hotel, restaurant and home health care. Migrant workers and irregular migrants from poorer countries have stepped in to fill the demand. 60 days guarantee satisfaction or you can request your money back. Farming Jobs in USA and Canada as well Nanny, Restaurant and Hotels jobs in Canada. Click Here! Immigration Forms for USA Whether you are applying for a United States visa, Green Card, citizenship, passport, or just need to renew your Green Card, it is crucial to file your application with the most current form. Applications submitted on an expired or outdated form may result in denial of your application. Create a Free Account with U.S. Immigration Support. Click Here! USA Naturalization Made Easy A recent study showed that it takes on average, three years to become a U.S Citizen. Why? Because people simply do not have the information they need to make the process easy and painless. With increased threats to the United States, the failing economy and the terrible housing market, naturalization has been put on the back burner. The process is going to be longer and longer as immigration becomes less of a priority for the US government. Get the information, help, and support you need to make sure you have an easy and pain free experience in applying for naturalization. Click Here! A to Z How to Immigrate to Canada According to Immigration Canada data, every year, Canada plans to accept between 225,000 to 265,000 immigrants, to meet Canada’s goals of economic benefit. There are two ways of applying for a Permanent Resident for Canada and you can do all the work yourself and save a lot of money with this amazing and always updated software. Click Here! Your Guide to Move to England Take all the uncertainty, risks, stress and confusion out of your move to the UK. This is the single biggest source of helpful and useful information that you’re going to find in your quest to move to the England. This is a guide that will help you even with the minimum steps to survive in your new experience without the needs to pay thousands for immigration advisors, lawyers and relocation agents. Click Here!

Credit Repair

Repair Your Credit Report Today! If you would like to know more about an affordable and effective credit report repair services with programs designed to appeal to wide variety of consumers with exceptional customer service, we suggest our new business networking partner. Still better, you get it with Not Startup Cost, No Retainer Fee, Full Refund Policy and Cancellation at Anytime!

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