To a greater extent search engines and local services are being used by people in your hometown to find what they are looking for. A deep research has shown that somewhere in neighborhood of 70% of households do some kinds of search for a local product or service on a daily basis. That’s the reason why every local search is becoming more and more important to your advertising campaign and major search engines are rushing to become the next local search engine.

When you search for anything using a location in your keywords you will find the search engines display the top links usually with local results, then the usual general organic results will be displayed. There is a new plataform developed for some local search engines that reading your IP address and detecting where you are based. The aim of this is to give people the most relevant results and helping them to find a local business.

How Local Search can be Beneficial to your Business

Local results is much important for the local small business interested in local costumers. If you are looking for customers that are based locally you should consider placing your business in local and effective directories, like Local Ad Link. Only recently have small local businesses realized the need to be found on the internet.

As example if I am personally looking for a bike tune-up, the first place I turn to is online, to find the various bike shops in my area, if at very least, I search online to find their contact info. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a phone book! As the internet grows in popularity, there are more and more people like me who use it exclusively to find what they want locally.

In these days, much more than any other type of medium. Considering the facts above it is absolutely vital that you consider local search, without it you would be missing out on many opportunities. Unlike organic SEO, getting listed in a local directory is often as simple as finding the local directories that are relevant and submitting your site. In the case of Ad Local Link you listing is posted in 24 hours and in most cases indexed by the regular search engines in 48 hours. This is a great tool for small business looking for a effective and affordable way to be exposure in front of the local potential costumer.

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