Where to Begin, What Options I Have, How Much to Spend, Who to Believe?

In order for your already or prospects customers respond to your marketing propositions, you must have a way of delivering your messages to them. Advertising, Marketing and Promotion is the KEY for a SUCCESSUFUL BUSINESS.


Here Bellow, Find Out 11 Effective Ways to, Marketing and Promote Your Business:


1) In Person – One-On-One or Group Presentation * Consultation
2) Social Networking – Myspace and Others
3) Telephone – Heavy Telemarketing
4) Direct Mail – Postcards Works Well * Visit our Printing Page
5) Signs & Posters – Banners, Lawn Signs, Etc * Visit our Printing Page
6) Printing & Web Media Press-Releases * Check More Info Bellow…
7) Flyers & Posters * Visit our Printing Page
8) Email e-Marketing * Check More Info Bellow…
9) Website & SEO * Visit our Web/Design Page
10) Multimedia & Video * Visit our Web/Design Page
11) Articles – Writing & Edition * Check More Info Bellow…
12) Printing Material – Distribution * Check More Info Bellow…



We Have Years of Experience and Knowledge in Marketing Strategy
If you target market is the general internet user or your local and regional prospect customer, or even a specific market group such the Brazilians in U.S or in Brazil, we can help you reach out your respective target in different ways and formats. Call (805)245-5615 for a conversation or kisuccess@hotmail.com

Tip: Building Relationships Takes Dedication and Frequency

Did you know that you need to hit your prospects at least 3 up to 10 times in order to get their attention and move them to action? Maybe even more, so, it’s crucial that you set up a marketing system that allows you to repeatedly follow-up with your prospects at least this many times.
As example, if you have a subscriber list, it’s important to send at least 3 emails in the first week after the subscriber made his subscription. Also, It’s important to write a newsletter even if it is small and with a few interesting notes and news. It’s important because even if the subscribers don’t read every issue, we reminding them about us and about what we offer. We reminder “I’m Here”, sharing valuable information and letting them know we are available to help them with their marketing, if they are ready for some help. The best way to build relationships is by providing value.
While sending the occasional postcard or promotional letter may serve to remind your prospects about your product or service, it won’t do much to build a relationship with them. You must provide them with valuable information. Also remember that just because you are ready to sell your product or service, does not mean your prospect is ready to buy it. They’ll buy when they are ready or have an imminent need for what you are offering. Until that time, your job is to provide value, educate them and remind them you are there and available whenever they are ready.
If you are providing value, you really don’t have to worry about following up too often. If however, you are only following up to ask for the sale, you’ll become a pest relatively quickly. And regardless, you will lose some prospects along the way. People will no longer be interested in what you offer or they may not want to hear from you. But consider what I mention above: if they don’t want to hear from you, odds are they weren’t going to buy from you either. If they ask to be removed from your list, they’re just helping you out by improving the quality of your list.


Marketing Services 

* Article – Writing & Edition 
* Media Exposure – Press-Release Distribution 
* Print Material Distribution 
* E-Mail Marketing 

Article and Press-Release Production – We can write your press-releases in a journalist and professional format for your press release campaign or produce your feature article for build quality content for your website (and consequently reach SEO requirements and better page ranks). A good feature release, in particular, isn’t an easy thing to craft. If you just don’t feel like you have the chops to get the job done, hire a professional is your best bet. Based in a personal interview and/or any marketing material you can provide to us, we can write/produce your next press-release or feature article.
Media Exposure / Press-Release Distribution – Press Releases distribution service is an effective form for reach journalists, editors and consequently readers. Whether you represent a small startup business or an established company, we can satisfy you with your media distribution needs and effective exposure. We specialize in outreach the Brazilian Media in the U.S territory from Los Angeles to New York, from Miami to Seattle, but we also out reach the most important printing and digital media outlets – National and Local (Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco in California; plus Las Vegas in Nevada).
Print Material Distribution – If your market area is Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara or San Francisco, in California, or Las Vegas in Nevada, we can help you. We do “Guerrilla Marketing” – distributing your printing material in your designed special event, or a specific event co-related with your product or service, or still, in a busy/traffic street such Melrose Ave. in L.A, Promenade in Santa Monica, State St. in Santa Barbara, Garnet St. in Pacific Beach, Market St. in San Francisco, or Sunset Strip in Vegas. Also, we can distribute it in specific stops/route by car/driving.
E-Mail Marketing – E-mail is a cost-effective and profitable way to promote your businesses. It is one of the most reliable methods for finding new customers and making your business successful! Now more than ever, most people now understand the concept of “opt-in” e-mail (only e-mail people who have given you permission to contact them!). You can contact your networking through your contact list, but if you need a better marketing support, extend your networking and exposure your products or services to thousands of potential new prospects from our database, we can help you. In this case our niche is small business owners, business opportunity searchers and conscious living folks among others. To check “5 Smart Tips that can be apply to absolutely any email marketing campaign” CLICK HERE

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