Visual communications heighten the bond you have with someone when you cannot see them face to face. It is about adding dimension to the communication. There is a reason why you should shake someone’s hand when you meet him or her. The answer should be more senses you involve, the higher the connection. At this point, online video has exploded as a great alternative for small businesses, as the pro-duction of an online video commercial is a cost-efficient way, thanks in part, to the new technology era.

The nature of the online video is different from television – once the only way to distribute video advertising. The video profile commercial is not, only inexpensive to produce, but also more effective than the 30 seconds of television spot when broadcasting. Usually, it is in a format that consists in an interview with the owner or business representative about the business or in the format of storytelling.

Usually, footage of the business in action, edited between 1 to 3 minutes with music and graphics that effectively introduces online viewers to the business and presents the reasons the viewer should patronize the business works well. Once the video is produced, it can be posted in the company website and/or uploaded to the company’s social media.

The ability to produce an effective video presentation requires more than the possession of some cool hardware and software. Owning an expensive camera does not make you a producer, and even the technical ability to edit does not qualify you as a commercial marketing expert. When the time comes to hire someone what should you be looking for?

Among the important things to consider is making sure the web media provider deliver a turnkey the solution from concept to implementation. They can produce everything from scripts to custom music in-house, have the ability to thinking strategically as well as tactically, can implement and repurpose your investment into your existing website/social media, be able to be your ongoing web media marketing advisor and have the ability to turn advertising into content, and content into a positive experience.

Commercial presentation production requires a multitude of skills and talents. Big companies solve the problem by hiring advertising agencies that drive the cost of production beyond what most businesses can afford. By understanding what’s needed to create an effective web media presentation, you can look for a firm that possesses all the necessary talents in-house; an approach that keeps costs down, while produc-ing an exciting web video campaign that achieves corporate marketing objectives.

It is accepted that responses come with 3 to 6 months to know how effective and advertising campaign was, but with online video, you spend much less than traditional broadcasting commercials and even, it can be much more effective.

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