By Lindenberg Junior

Most small start-ups know that quickly creating market awareness can single-handedly determine a business’s fate, because any strong plan may be crippled without a steady stream of paying customers. So why are small businesses often ignoring the importance of fusion marketing? We talk about the age-old adage: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

There’s a bunch of different meanings to it, and I think the common one is diversification of incomes. The concept is the same, but here in this article we talk specifically about marketing your business, that you don’t have a single failure point in your business. If you have an online business per example, you cannot put all your marketing efforts only in Google. What I mean is there are many ways to diversify.

With audiences that spend increasingly more time on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, failing to tap into such a large reservoir of potential customers sounds like marketing suicide. The same way works for a “brick and mortar” traditional business. And again, you cannot put all your marketing efforts only on Facebook. You get the idea? Doesn’t matter if you have an online or offline business, what is important for a better marketing is two basic things:

1) Know well your niche and your market target, and consequently, understand where and how best you can reach this target or potential client.

2) The use of fusion marketing. You can use a magazine (article marketing); you tube (video marketing) and trade fairs (event marketing) as for example. Or you can use a newspaper (display) search engine optimization and Facebook. You get the idea? Mostly of the times, the use of different “channels” or at least alternating these channels is a good choice.

The main point here is diversifying your marketing tools, create brand recognition and reach out to new audiences. Connect with customers and be involved with your community is also important to keep your existing client or customer and some of the marketing tools you choose to use also can help you with it. So, diversification goes too for traffic sources, support for your business, partners that you relate with and network, etc.  Diversification using tools and people that can support you, and your business.

You’re just inside of a cave, and everyone else is in the cave. Everyone believes the same stuff. No one believes that there’s something or even, good, outside the cave, right? And then one day, you go outside… and you’re like “hey guys, there’s sunshine out here”. And they’re like “what are you talking about, man? There’s nothing out there”. No one believes you, but actually there is sunshine out there. There are some people outside chilling in the sunshine.

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