You know what’s an odd feeling? Pretending you’re successful before you really are. And in a very weird twist of fate, you almost have to do it in order to achieve that success!

It can feel like you’re a fraud when you first get started. But then you realize your mind is buying into it. You’re acting like the go getter you were pretending to be.

For some reason, we all tend to feel nervous pretending to be a success but we have no problem labeling ourselves failures even when that hasn’t happened yet, either. We can predict one way, but not the other.

To work on success mindset changes, do some of these:

1. Visualize yourself down the road as a successful person. You can pictures the same schedule, the same money, the same flexibility.

2. Stop complaining about the little things. Try to focus on what you are going after, not what has happened that didn’t sit well with you.

3. Take breaks when you want and need to – both. Turn off the computer, exit out of all apps and just relax and enjoy life. Successful people can do that. Force yourself to feel that luxury so you can work when it’s time to work and relax when it’s that time, too.

4. Became committed to exercise. We know it’s a fact that successful people are healthier. When you have this commitment sometimes you will fefeeling like a million bucks. Not just physically, but mentally proud you had pushed yourself.

5. Block the gross people. Anyone toxic. Scummy. Rude. Just block them and don’t look back. There are so many of them around us. Don’t feel bad about it and don’t make excuses for why you did it.

6. Get your Zs!  Try the habit of waking up and thinking about what you needed to do. And for sure: get a nice rest every night and wake up ready to be productive!

Good luck. Good business.

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