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In mostly cases we use recycled paper instead of virgin paper and encourage our costumers to be friendly with our mother Earth as everyone need to do their part in this new era of become environmentally friendly and make conscious practices for a better world.




We Offer Creative Design, Quality and Affordable Printing





* Digital & Offset Printing


* Commercial Banners & Signs

* Graphic Design






From a basic job to the most complex requirements, when it comes to Design and Printing Services, KISUCCESS is clear and simple – we will deliver high quality results while saving you time and money. However suit your needs best, we can provide high quality service with direct and personal attention…plus Free Shipment in 80% of the orders/case. For a FREE ESTIMATE or JUST TO HAVE YOUR CUSTOM QUESTIONS ANSWERED, feel free to call us at call (424)206-0538 or email If your leave a message about your needs we will call back the same day or maximum the next business day.

We come from the perspective that to grow and succeed in today’s ultra-cluttered business environment, you must do an excellent job at strategizing, leveraging and synchronizing every communications opportunity. We can help you promoting and marketing your product or services creating any PRINTING or DESIGN PROJECT for you.

We can create a layout/design based in your own idea or we can produce something new for you. Creative Design Services is based by hour spent or in a full project rate. We offer Business Card, Postcard, Club Flyers Formats, Stickers, Rolodex Cards, Greeting Cards, Letterhead, CD/DVD Cover, Posters, Presentation Folders, Brochures & Tri-Folders, as well as Multiple Pages Booklets & Catalogues. All services with competitive rates & fast turnaround.




Connect w/your Audience & Communicate Effectively







• Brief Info – General Features
• Types of Paper & Stocks
• Postcard Tip
• Brochure Tip
• Charter – Description/Turnaround/Rate
• Digital Specifications and Guidelines /Help
• Regular & Stand Up Banners & Signs






Brief Info:

Standard Turnaround: 4-5 Business Day / Rush Turnaround: Next Day/2 Days Better Zone Rate: 8-9 Business Days / * Next Business Day Available (if order is received by email before 10am and we have confirm it as ok, otherwise just next business day to process the order. Call us (805)245-5615 if you need a specific job or a specific deliver date.

We Offer Five Types of Paper Stocks:

14 PT Card Stock – Ideal for Full Color Business Cards, Postcards, Rack Cards, Door Hangers, Rolodex Cards and Presentation Folders, it comes with UV coating to protect your cards and make them glossy and eye-catching at the same time. Not UV coating is available.

100 lb. Gloss Text – Ideal for Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Multi-Page Catalogs and CD/DVD Inserts, it comes with UV coating and all features of 14PT, but is light and can easy be folded. Not UV coating is available.

110 lb. Linen Cover Stock – Ideal for Matte finish (non-gloss) Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Thank You Cards and Note Cards. Linen Covers subtle embossed finish, like finely woven cloth, is truly elegant and a basic requirement for crisp business presentations.

70 lb. Bright White Premium – Ideal for Smooth finish (non-textured), Full Color Letterheads and Envelopes, as well as writable Flyers and Brochures.

70 lb. Linen – Ideal for Full Color Letterheads and Envelopes, Linen’s subtle embossed finish is truly elegant and puts forth a Professional appeal.



Postcards – The “King” of Direct Mail Marketing



Keep it short and conversational, it is a really good idea to squeeze the important aspects of your message into as few words as possible because you’ll have a better chance at getting people to read and respond to your message. Be personal and avoid to be the “general”. I mean, give your postcard campaigns a chatty personal feeling, use names whatever is possible. Postcards is the “King” of direct mailing because it can be the most effective cheaper way to deliver your message through the mail than anything else and is very easy to catch the attention of your prospect client – if your message is short with well distributed “keywords” and eye catching design. Postcards always is a great way to reminder customers updated on events, promos and special sales. You can use it also marketing a quick phone call from them as well “driving people to your website” for more “details”. Make your postcards and your marketing effort works well not missing any response of feedback by your communication format. To check valuable articles about business & networking visit our article channel – click here




Brochures – Best Bet for Company Presentation



Researchers say that if a brochure or “Tri-Folder”, doesn’t engage the reader within 1 minute, there is a high probability that it will never be read and be disregarded as junk mail. After a minute, your reader is more likely to complete reading the material, or at least keep the piece for further review or reference.

Here are a three common sense tips to make sure your print marketing is effective.

1. Appeal to the Eye: First impression is the key. The first thing that your potential client sees is the look and feel of your print piece. Poor design will reflect on your whole company! A beautifully designed piece will attract potential customers.

2. Appeal to Emotions: Does your print design strike an emotional chord with your prospects? Appeal to the heart of your markets emotion by connecting with their pains or desires.

3. Keep it Simple: In our culture today, we are overrun with distractions. Make your point clear and concise. Too much information is too much for most people to handle. Focus on the clear message of your print material.



Guidelines – Important Printing Requirements


An exclusive page for help you with important tip regarding File Formats, Color Modes, Resolution, and all that you need to find out about the pre-press requirements can be found here – PLEASE CLICK HERE to find out.




Order of Charter Bellow: Quantity/Sample/Turnaround/Rate


Note 1 * Printing Rates Bellow is Based with Artwork Ready Provided (PDF, JPG or TIFF Format)


Business Cards on 14pt or 16 pt with UV on Color Side(s)
  1000 4/0. 4/1 or 4/4 4-5 business day   $54
  5000 4/0. 4/1 or 4/4 4-5 business day   $108
Postcards 4 X 6 on 14pt or 16pt with UV on Color Side(s)
  1000 4/1 4-5 business day   $95
  1000 4/4 4-5 business day   $99
  5000 4/1 4-5 business day   $169
  5000 4/4 4-5 business day   $199
Half Page (5.5 X 8.5) on 14pt or 16pt with UV on Color Side(s)
  1000 4/0, 4/1 or 4/4 4-5 business day   $179
  5000 4/0, 4/1 pr 4/4 4-5 business day   $299
Rolodex Cards – DIE-CUT included (regular standard die)
  5000 4/4 8-9 business day   $269
Stickers – Printable in the back side only
  1000/5000 5 X 7 or 8.5 X 3.667 8-9 business day   $225/$375
  1000/5000 3.5 X 3.5 8-9 business day   $125/$249
* Better for Indoors – Not Water Proof Resistant
100LB Book – with Aqueous Coating * 4/0, 4/1 or 4/4
  1000/5000 8.5 X 5.5 4-5 business day   $189/$262
  1000/5000 8.5 X 11.0 4-5 business day   $325/$455
  1000/5000 8.5 X 14.0 4-5 business day   $390/$530
* The 8.5 X 14.0 format in 100 Lb Book works greater as a small poster!
Letterheads – on 70LB premium smooth finish, bright white *
  1000/5000 8.5 X 11.0 8-9 Business Days   $169/$319
* Price above for Letterhead is for 4 X 0 and full bleed
Presentation Folders – C2S Card Stock * 1 or 2 Pockets (specify!) ** 4/1
  1000 – 4/1 9 X 12 8-9 Business Days   $1.149
  1000 – 4/4 9 X 12 8-9 Business Days   $1.299
Posters on 100 Lb Gloss Book – with Aqueous Coating
  1000 – 4/0 13 X 19 4-5 Business Days   $ 555
  1000 – 4/0 18 X 24 4-5 Business Days   $ 575
Greeting Cards * Includes Linen Envelopes 14pt with UV on Color Side * Call 4 More Detail
  500 – 4/4 5 X 7 (or 10 X 7 Flat Sheet) 4-5 Business Days   $ 375
Other Services and Sizes Available:
Fold-Over Business Card – 3.5 X 4.0 inches with Scoring But Not FoldingDifferent Flyer Formats – 1/8 Page (also wide), 1/6 Page (also wide), 1/3 Page (also wide), etc.CD Covers, & DVD Covers – Call for more details and competitive rates

Bookmarker – 2.0 X 6.0 and 2,5 X 7.0

Door Hangers – Die Cut Included (Regular Standard Die)

Sell Sheets – 8.5 X 11.0 / Standard Sell Sheet

Multi-Page Booklets – 8.5 X 5.5 or 8.5 X 11.0 for 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 Pages


» Keep your Customers Coming Back – Send a Holiday or Thank You “Greeting Card”The 5×7 greeting card (Flat 10 X 7) is scored for folding and comes with fancy linen envelopes.
Minimums start at 250.Greeting Card Product Benefits and Features> Great low-budget and classy way to connect with your customers.
> Perfect for personalized greetings and thank-you.
> Ideal for sending a special holiday message.
> Linen envelopes included.Printing Features

> Full color both sides for double the impact.
> Printed with our high gloss UV coating – or select no UV.
> Always printed on brilliant white, 14pt ultra-thick stock.




QTY -Color Front
-Blank/Black Back
-Color Front
-Color Back
3-5 Day 3-5 Day
250 220.00 230.00
500 340.00 360.00
1000 450.00 475.00
2000 560.00 590.00
2500 625.00 645.00
3000 685.00 725.00
4000 825.00 865.00
5000 950.00 1.000

* Ask for Any Size or Format if you don’t find here. Maybe we can help you! (805)245-5615




Banners & Signs – Full Color, Indoor or Outdoor

Printed on a variety of high quality media, let our Full-Color Banners or Lawn Signs help you deliver your message effectively! We offer traditional vinyl banners from $2.95 per square foot, first class stand up banners including base & bag for only $245, and also lawn signs starting 50 units for $125 ($2.50 per unit – one ink)

Large format graphics & banners are perfect for trade shows, events, promotional displays, floor graphics, and temporary or permanent signage. Our graphics are printed on high quality media with solvent based inks for indoor (lasts 100 years!) or outdoor (lasts over 5 years outdoors without lamination) use. Lawn signs is great for deliver your message in different ways as promote your local service or your internet business.

Traditional Banner Key Features:

• Printed on your choice of media: 13oz Scrim Vinyl, 10oz Vinyl, Photo Gloss Paper or Canvas.
• 6 color printing for a smoother appearance in the light and mid-tone colors.
• Outdoor durable over 5 years utilizing solvent based inks with apparent 600 dpi res.
• Include grommets or pole pockets (tape) available
• Pay per square foot.
• Turnaround time – 3 to 5 days 


First Class “Stand Up” Banner Key Features:

• Printed on Photo Gloss Paper.

• 6 color printing for a smoother appearance in the light and mid-tone colors.

• Perfect for indoor events as trade shows. Can be used in outdoors but can not take rain or be wet. More durable if used indoors.

• Include bag for save and protection.

• Very competitive rate at $245 the unit. If order is 3 piece price drop to $225.

• Turnaround time – 3 to 5 days 


Lawn Sings Advertise:

• Printed in a light plastic cardboard.

• One ink (Cardboard white and black ink or red cardboard and white ink).

• Perfect for promote or advertise your business or idea in an alternative format.

• Turnaround time – 3 to 5 days



Important Banner & Signs Notes (Scale/Sizes):

• Adjust your document to the correct scale: 1 inch = 1 foot.

• For a 3.0x 8.0 ft banner, the printable area should be set up as 3″ x 8″ @ 300 dpi with a bleed dimension of 3.25″ x 8.25″ (.125″ on each side).

• Do not place important elements such as text, borders, or logos too close to the trim line (unless you want it to bleed off the page and be cut off!). To be safe, do not place anything important closer to the edge than .125″.

• We can accept this following digital files here – TIF, JPG, EPS and PDF (preference). * We advise that vector based images reach best results.

• How long do they last? You can rest assure that your graphics will last in the toughest conditions.

• How big can you go? There are no size restraints. Requiring a larger image will just require taping or sewn seams, but most are not visible from a distance. Our graphics have a seamless max width of 54″, but some materials are only available in limited widths.



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