A lot of people know me as a writer and journalist while others knows me as a promoter and marketing consultant that offer different marketing strategies in accordance with their budgets, but in this article I will focus more specifically in event marketing or local promotions for clubs and restaurants. Bellow I will share a few of my knowledge regarding “myths” that people in need of this type of promotion or even new folks trying to be an event promoter may still have.

Men will go where the women are…it’s a fact.  It’s much easier to pull groups of men to your parties than it is to pull women. So, if you’re a female, you already have better access to groups of women (your friends, girls in your classes or women you work with etc) who trust you and will happily go to your party…having big groups of women makes it easier to throw a good party.

It also helps to be female when you’re promoting to girls that you don’t know it’s easier to gain their trust when a female is promoting to them, they don’t think it’s a shady party or one of those that has 100 guys and only 5 girls. Basically, promotions can be done well by a men or a woman, but by best strategy as a promoter is to work with other promoters and in special women’s promoters and/or different culture background promoters. For example, as a man, one of my strategies is choose a woman as a co-promoter to help me with some value “insider tips”, and as a Brazilian, I choose an Afro-American or Latino guy to help me with cross-promotions.

A good promoter not necessarily must be popular (but it doesn’t hurt if you are), but might have to work a little harder to get the word out and make the people knows about your event or regular basis event promotion – for bar and restaurants for example.  The longer you promote, the more well known the event will be, the better done the promotion is done in the beginning, the faster the good results come by.

Good common characteristics of good promoters are:

1) To be proactive – thinking ahead of the curve and seeing opportunities before everyone else.

2) To be outgoing – If the “job” is attract as many people or fellows to your invitation, the good promoter need to be polite, easy going with all type of folks and know what’s is happen around town. If  work out for a club or restaurant for example, the promoter need to work together with the management and work also as a kind of “event manager“  or “host”.  In “site” a good promoter is the person that talks with their friends, the friends of their friends and the people that he never met before. The approach on a continues basis are very important job of a promoter. To be a type of “event manager” should be worth and depending of the deal with your business partner, very profitable for both sides.

3) To be tech – In this digital era, is a must to know how to work with social medias, email list and different web 2.0 tools. A good promoter usually is well connected through social medias, have good relations with the online media (and print too!) and have a huge email list.

4) A desire to make money – yes, a good promoter is a professional promoter, some creative soul that has a strong knowledge involving communication marketing, party planning and sales lead generation.

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