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Résumé Tip

Making Your Resume Thinking as an Marketing Tool = Better Results

Resumes continue to be an important tool in a successful job search and in every job field. The purpose as any other marketing material is to get an interview with a potential employer. Of course, a resume alone won’t get you the job, but it can help get you that all-important interview. While in the past resume is probably a summary of work history, today’s it is a sales tool! Employers are interested in your skills not just your previous work experience. In fact, they want to know what you can do for them now and in the future. Take it in mind!

The basic and most important:

1) What you have done (achievements and experiences)

2) What you can do (skills and abilities)

3) What is a resume: not your life story, but yes and for sure, your toll for better self-promotion.

For the right template:

1) Make it clear and easy to read.

2) Keep in a single page and choose a font that’s easy to read (Times New Roman). Pay attention in special for the letter L (sometimes it is confused with the number 1).

3) Stick to cream, gray or white paper; keep it simple. The point here is to marketing yourself.

4) Be smart and remember that each job needs one specific resume (show for each employer what they expect most from you). It’s like your own “sells tool”.

5) Omit salary requirements

6) Proofread your resume before you send it out, and make sure your contacts as email and phone number is correct.

7) Follow instructions precisely. If the Ad says to email it, not try to call. If it says to send in the body/text of the email, not include an attachment. If there is option, prefer email instead Fax. You can send it by mail, but avoid bring it in person. Click Here for Complete Article

Interview Tip

Feeling nervous or uneasy should not scare and upset you. This can be a good thing; it will keep you alert and totally focused on the important job in hand. Most interviewers will regard it as a positive sign. This shows that you are human and emotional, and you really care about the job. Before you jump into the reality of interviewing, it is crucial to take a step backward and try to see the interview purely through the interviewer’s eyes. You should also know his or her basic requirements towards the candidates.

A sample question for your reflection:

Why should we hire you?

This question goes to the core of the interview. Your interviewer wants a clear, straightforward response. Before your interview please spend a lot of time thinking about this question. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Why should the company hire you? Get yourself a large blank sheet of paper and answer it. At your actual interview, the first thing to do is to find out what the company is really looking for to solve the current problem it has. As you begin to answer the question, the first thing to do is to recap the interviewer’s description of the job and the type of person they are seeking and then meet these requirements point-by-point. You might begin by: “Well, this is the key question! In your job description you clearly state that you are looking for someone who is… and who can do… Is that an accurate description?” You can then conclude by saying: “I definitely believe I have the skills and qualities you are looking for to be a success in this job. I’m a team player. I listen and am more than willing to learn from my superiors and I have the desire to do very well. Is there anything that I have left out that you would like me to expand on?”

After you think about this powerful and almost “sure” question, take your time for follow and “play” some simple rules that should be very effective.

* Dress Professionally – No one is going to hire a slob, so make sure you dress to impress!

* Be Nice – You never know how much pull even the receptionist may have in the company.

* Always Bring a Résumé – You may think they already have a copy, but bringing an extra copy along will make you look prepared and professional.

* Make Eye Contact – Eye contact lets your employer known you are confident and in control of your answers.

* Take a Risk – If you are unsure of what you’d like to do, a risky choice may turn out to be the perfect thing for you!

Opportunity Tip

1) If you get a job offer from other company (especially in the same field/area), the best bet is negotiate a counter-offer with your current employer first. Be clear about what would entice you to stay, such as a raise, a different work assignment or a promotion. If you accept the new offer, be prepared to work harder and demonstrate your loyalty as your employer will expect to the results.

2) Don’t accept any job, or better say, don’t accept the wrong job. Before any decision, during the interview remember to find out some details that can make a big difference like what hours are expected to work, why the position is open, how long you spend on driving and how much you will pay in gas during each month.

3) It is better to work for a bad boss at a good company than for a good boss at a bad company. If your work hard and demonstrating your skills should be easy for a good company’s leader eventually identify and get rid of a bad boss and you may be rewarded for staying. Besides, always a good company will look better on your résumé.

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5) Many pre-retirees and retirees wish to expand their professional abilities but are reluctant to commit to a graduate degree program. A certification lets you work as an accredited professional in a specialty field. Generally, the part-time training takes less than a year and costs significantly less than graduate school.

6) Some employers don’t like to hire old workers for fear that they will lack in energy and retire soon. Laws designed to protect older job applicants from age-based discrimination are relatively ineffective. But, is necessary and important not to be discouraged! There are plenty of employers who are happy to hire workers of any age if they are qualified to do the work that the employers need. Some smart ways to have success is not demonstrate your are desperate, showing enthusiasm, taking advantage of your large “grapevine” or extensive networking with friend and colleagues, keep each interview answer short and around 20 seconds to maximum 2 minutes, playing up the positive aspects of the older-employee stereotypes and always send a “thank you” note to everyone you met at the job search day (it should be by email following by a printing version mailed in the mail).

Resume Tool

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Freelancer Job

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Resume Submission

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Cover Letter

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E-Bay Research Tool

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