You may not be that excited about the prospect of making videos for your business, but it is not as difficult as you might think. Of course, you need to spend some time in research and production but definitely, it can be worth with the benefit of video marketing. There are various channels of exposure such as YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Tik Tok, etc.

Something that puts online business owners off of making videos is that they don’t want to show their faces on camera. There are various options for not show your face such as the use of typography videos or videos made by using photo slides. The truth is, depending on the niche or type of your business, in many cases its good idea to get over showing your face on camera. It is really important that people can see who you are and videos are the best way to do that. There is no need for you to make Hollywood style videos – nobody is expecting that, but you do need some good quality equipment.

  • What do you need to start?

1) A good camera

HD video cameras are getting cheaper all of the time. You can find a high-quality HD camera on Amazon between $100 to $200 these days. Some smartphones like iPhones and even tablet devices have good quality video cameras. But a standalone video camera is usually the best option. If you are going to shoot footage at your desk then invest in a good quality HD webcam. You can position these easily so that they capture your head and shoulders which is fine. Again these are not expensive and there are some good ones available for less than $75.

2) A Good microphone

One of the worst things that you can do is to use an inferior quality microphone with your videos. The microphones in smartphones and laptops are not the best quality. You can find a good quality USB microphone on Amazon for less than $100. Audio quality is very important. If your viewers cannot hear you or understand what you are saying because you are using a poor quality microphone then you will lose them.

3) How to videos

Videos that show people in your niche how to overcome a problem that they are having are very popular. You can create an over the shoulder video which shows how to get the best results from a product or service. You will need screen recording software to do this such as the free Cam Studio or Camtasia which comes at a one-time price. Using strategic marketing: Let’s say that you are promoting a product that will fix a number of issues that your niche audience has. You can create a video that shows people how to fix one of the problems and then tell them if they want to fix other problems they will need to get the training course.

4) Video optimization

You need to optimize your videos so that they can be found through search engines like google or when people looking for your videos using the YouTube Search – by the way, YouTube is the second largest search engine just behind Google. If your video is not appearing in the first few search results then you will hardly get any views. Use your main keyword in the title of the video and secondary keywords in the description and tags. On the first line of the video description add a link to your website or offer page (URL).


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