Filming and video production services including single and multi-camera shoots, computer generated animation, title sequences, edition and other post-production services. We can provide a multitude of film and video services for a wide variety of projects, from the budget & inexpensive experience to the full service high quality expectation…from filming interviews to scripted training videos. Post-production management and final delivery in a range of formats, however large or small your project, we can deliver a professional final product with very competitive rates! * Check a few promo videos bellow with direction by Rogerio Resende.
Video Promotions

Television and Commercial Advertising

Show Reels and Showcases

Business and Training Films

Infomercials for Corporate Events

Conferences and Exhibitions

  • Available on most modern video formats
  • For computers, the Internet, and television
  • Creativity and Versatility to reach every budget
By paying attention to an audience’s emotional response to short-form storytelling (commercials), the advertiser can turn mere information into a memorable experience… 

Today, People are “Wired” for VIDEO…

Did you know that in 2006 alone, movie ticket sales were up by 5.5%? On the other hand, the percentage of adults in the USA who read literature for fun has DECLINED by over 10% in the last 20 years! A 1999 study showed that the average household with children has about 3 TV’s – and it’s probably only increased since then. Also, everywhere we go today, we see video. You see advertising TV’s in the checkout lanes of the grocery store, you see playing in the doctor’s office or even pulled up to a gas station an a video screen above the pump!


People Today Respond More to VIDEO than to TEXT

Obviously, the written word isn’t dead…and I don’t think it ever will be. But that’s not the point. The point is that people today respond more to VIDEO than to TEXT. What can you do to take advantage of this change and benefit from it? All you have to do is start using online video on your website! Video sparks your visitors’ interest and makes them pay more attention to you. Maybe you’ve thought about starting to use online video for your websites or in different sharing videos sites. Commercial presentation production requires a multitude of skills and talents. Big companies solve the problem by hiring advertising agencies that drive the cost of production beyond what most businesses can afford. By understanding what’s needed to create an effective webmedia presentation, you can look for a firm that possesses all the necessary talents in-house; an approach that keeps costs down, while producing an exciting Web Video campaign that achieves corporate marketing objectives. We are here to help you succeed. Call us to discuss your needs. We have several packages and affordable options – Call (805)245-5615. To check our article “Online Video: Coast Effective Marketing” that have been published at least in four different medias, click here.

If you already have your video done…

We can give it a special touch, editing it and/or turn it viral!…

Three Steps:

1- Critique/Modification
2- Distribute
3- Promote

If you planning going to get your video out to as many distribution points as possible, to get maximum exposure, we are here to help you distributing and promoting it. Many people think they should just upload their video to YouTube, but there are literally dozens of video sharing sites that you can get exposure from. There are the bests, the ones that is not worth, etc, besides the consuming time to upload it.

In this step, you are going to get your video out to as many distribution points as possible. A step absolutely crucial, and to do this, we will upload your videos to as many video sharing sites as possible, better yet, with a click on the button. With a special program we can uploads the video automatically to over 30+ video sharing sites. Get the results in your video getting the most exposure possible in the easy way…saving you many hour of job. To know more about this special service or the possibility to get your own software, please contact us. To promote it in 10 other effective different ways to just “jump start” the viral process, not hesitate to give us a call.

You can get as much traffic to your web site from a well made and properly launched viral video as you would from pay-per-click or any other type of advertising – or even more. And we get the expertise to do it, still, with a affordable rate * if you don’t be in a rush.


If You Need Any Assistance Don’t Hesitate to Call Us!


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