First, to get started you need a website to promote whatever you are selling. There are free website services available if you can make it through platforms such as Weebly or Blogger but we strongly recommend that you avoid these free services. Why?

Internet users are a lot smarter than they used to be. They know that they can start a free website using these types of platforms. This is ok if you just want to blog about your life and let your friends know what you are up to. But it is not ok for business purposes – except if you use WordPress (free) and make a good customization.

In order to make money with your online business, you will need to sell something or promote things for a commission. If people see that you have a Blogger site then they will know it is free and think that you are cheap. Sad to say it, but is true. There is a very slim chance that they will purchase anything. If you learn WordPress it is definitely your best bet for building a website. If you choose to hire someone or a company, make sure you say that you want a website in WordPress.

Let’s move forward, so the next step is to get a domain name and web hosting, and connect it with your new website to be live on the internet. A domain name these days is usually available for $10, first year, and $17 for renewing per year in sites like 

There are thousands of companies offering web hosting services (including us) but the first things to consider a good web hosting are:

* Unlimited disk space

* Unlimited bandwidth

* The number of domain names you can use

* Free SSL certificates (a must for eCommerce)

* Malware monitoring and removal

* One-click WordPress install

* Loading speed

Loading speed is very important for your visitors and for the search engines like Google. So do some research and find web hosts that have the fastest servers. Free SSL can save you good money as some web hosting companies charge for it as an add on per year.

When you are starting out a shared web hosting plan is fine. These are the cheapest plans as you share resources with others. As your traffic increases, you can migrate to a VPS server or a dedicated server.

The easiest way to create your website is to use the free WordPress content management system. This is why it is important that your web host has a one-click install for this (most of them do).

Once your domain name is connected to your web hosting you can then use the one-click WordPress installation feature to install the platform on your domain name. You just need to provide a couple of details and then click the install button and a few seconds later your website will be ready.

The reason that we recommend WordPress is that it is easy to use and very effective regarding updating your content. WordPress became the number one especially because of the numerous plugins available that enhance performance and functionality. We would like to reminder you that we from Kisuccess are specialists in web development from creation (from only $395) and hosting (from $15 per month) to maintenance and security (headache less from $39 per month ) as well as SEO (search engine optimization).

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