We hear the term “innovative” each time we see a new product come out. It’s easy to think of innovation as creating something never thought of before. That’s not always the case. For example, using a telephone as a video device was built in the 1970s. But we don’t remember that because the timing was wrong. Instead, when Apple brings out their Facetime software, we think it’s an innovation.

No. They had the right timing. The market was ready. Innovation keeps the world spinning, but it isn’t quite what you may think. It can be used in business and your personal life. If you let it, it will bring you great personal growth and depth.

5 Characteristics of Being Innovative in Business

To grow in your personal and professional life, you should consider how innovative you are. It’s not a trait you are born with, which is excellent because it means you can learn to be more innovative. Here are five characteristics of an innovative person:

1. Outside-the-Box Thinking: It’s not about rule-breaking, per se. It’s about looking at an issue and considering all alternatives, including those that seem odd or unconventional. When you use your creative juices, you are well on your way to being an innovative thinker.

2. Patience: Developing new ideas or business ventures take time. It helps if you have a high level of patience to work on that project or create that new online course. This can be tough when you want to hit the ground running, but often a little patience now leads to better success later.

3. Ability to be Proactive: Always being reactive will leave you scrambling and increase your stress. Instead, by being proactive, you are on the lookout for solutions to challenges before they overwhelm you. It may include seeking coaching, taking a course, or asking for feedback.

4. Excellent at Communicating: Innovative people are not shy about talking and networking with others. They understand the importance of communicating ideas and thoughts with others so that everyone is on board, especially if a change is coming.

5. Lifelong Learners: Innovators can innovate because they don’t stop learning. If you love to learn, you are well on your way to developing your innovative muscle. You not only need to keep learning, but you should also have the desire to improve. This may include spending time to self-reflect and discover where you need to grow.

Remember, innovation isn’t just for Big Tech companies. It’s for you personally and professionally. Strive to become an innovative person and business owner, and take the first step to building the life of your dreams.

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