Whenever you build a blog post, don’t just stick a keyword in the title and first line. There are many different places you can add numerous keywords. Just make sure it reads normal and isn’t forced and spammy.

You want to use several different variations of keywords and phrases in many different areas, including:

  • Subtitles within the blog
  • Images you insert into the blog (alt text)
  • Tags for the blog post

We think many people forget that long blog posts should be broken up into subtitles. It makes it easier for people to scroll through the content, and provides more opportunities for keywords.

If you have the keyword in the URL, the title, 3 subtitles, 2 images and tag area, that’s at least 8 areas for you to improve the SEO of your post and help Google figure out what your content is about!

You can start by conducting some keyword research and finding those buyer keyword phrases. Google has a effective free keyword tool. You can use also WordRecon. Both options are very good choices.

Now you’ll notice as you’re going through the results some keyword phrases are almost identical. You don’t want a blog post that only teaches “how to play Claudia party” for example, if you’re building a video gaming blog post – even if that’s the highest search volume.

How to pull in other people searching and use other keyword phrases

  • where to buy Claudia party
  • Claudia party  toys
  • Claudia party free shipping

If you’re using a tool that gives exact search volume (which we never pay attention to), make sure you don’t only target high volume for buyer keywords. That’s because these people have their wallet out ready to buy, don’t they? They want to order now and get free shipping or buy a toy for their kid.

If you only saw 60 searches for one of those phrases, yet other people weren’t targeting it, so you ranked #1 on Google – you’d take 60 sales and commissions per month for one phrase, wouldn’t you?

We might make more with the phrase “Claudia party free shipping” than I do with just “Claudia party” – only because there are hundreds of thousands of competing pages for that broad phrase compared to much less for the long tail phrase, so you rank higher.

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