When it comes to video usage, you want your viewer to have a good experience. First, eliminate distractions. Shut out all of the noise if possible. You don’t want them having to hear your TV in the background, music that’s too loud, or even your kids playing.

Make sure other distractions are removed, too – like clutter and messes where you’re recording. And spiff up the lighting while you’re at it. They should be able to see you and not watch you in some dark, orange-hued setting.

Second, switch up your atmosphere from time to time. You don’t always have to record in the same place. You can record indoors, outdoors and even at events that you attend.

Third, make sure you practice letting your personality shine through. You don’t want to be monotone, with no emotions. Don’t sit stiff – use hand gestures if you want, just as if you were sitting and chatting with a friend.

Fourth, make sure everything’s ready before you start recording. You don’t want people having to sit and wait as they watch you write on a whiteboard slowly. Just have it written down so you can point to it or uncover it, for example.

Fifth and last, get the length right. Most successful YouTube videos for example is about 3 to 5 minutes in length. Possibly longer, if the topic permits it. But generally, stick to this time frame or under 10 minutes maximum.

Tech Tips

When it comes to recording, you don’t need fancy equipment. You can use a smartphone, an inexpensive video camera, and go cheap or high end if you want. For editing you can use FilmoraGo (free for android and IOS) or iMovie and Apple Clips (free for apple users). When it comes to publishing, we recommend Vimeo Pro, but you can and should use YouTube if possible, using keywords and adding a description for increased findability by your target audience.






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